sunday nights


for students in grades 6-12

We're not content with being a student ministry that expects teenagers to come in, sit down and just listen. We put a lot of creative planning into what takes place Journey Youth because we want students to be engaged. We strive to provide opportunity for students to learn who God is and how they can live for Him no matter where they're at - school, home, whatever. We believe in students and we have a dedicated team of effective leaders that are ready to team with them and see God come alive in this generation - like never before seen.

Sunday nights feature worship, teaching, small groups and plenty of time to hang out with friends. And don't worry, we're not programmed so tightly that we won't slow down and have fun around a holiday or by celebrating the end of the school year. There's always room for activities and out-of-the-box ways of learning.

But it doesn't stop on Sunday nights. We plan many activities and trips throughout the year; both locally and away from home. RISE Camp is our weeklong summer experience that could be one of the greatest weeks of your students' life. We also do a fall retreat called The Plunge, as well as day trips, hangouts and more. If your teen needs a place to belong, bring them to JY!


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