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We don't believe God wants us to do a lot of the same stuff over and over again every week. So, we put a lot of prayer into what He wants us to do when it comes to church and we do it, simple as that. While some tradition is good, too much of it can bring stagnation. That being said, we strive to think outside of the box in terms of our style and how we present the gospel. At the same time remaining uncompromised in our beliefs or the standards in His Word.

From the moment you pull onto our campus, it is our commitment to show you the hospitality and 'welcome home' feeling that you deserve. As you arrive teams will be waiting to wave you into a parking space, hold the door open and serve you a hot cup of coffee & a donut. If you'd like, we will even have someone show you around, assist in getting your child into Journey Kids and get you the best seat in the house!

If you're looking for somebody to answer any questions you may have, head to THE FO! There are people who want to meet you and fill you in on all of who we are.


We don't try to hide it...we love passionate worship times and engaging messages! Each and every Sunday you'll experience both. Our music team desires nothing more than to create a place for you to connect with God through song. Even if you're not the best singer! You'll also get a chance to hear about what's going on in and through our church during the offering & announcement portion of service before we hand it over to our pastor. You'll find that no two messages are the same. We've built a creative team that aims to bring new and engaging ways of presenting biblical truths. 

You'll laugh, you may cry, but our hope is that you have at least one 'a-ha!' moment each week!

And if it's your first time visiting us, don't worry, we won't ask you to stand up, state your name or make any other attempt to make you feel anything less than right at home.



for age 0-5th grade

Our Sunday's are designed for the entire family. Journey Kids programs are available every week and there is an age appropriate room for every child from birth to 5th grade. We will walk you through registration and introduce you to our awesome team of volunteer teachers and helpers.

If you'd like to see more of what Journey Kids is all about and what lessons we teach

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for students in grades 6-12

We think it's important for parents and teens to experience worship together; and that time is during our morning services. There are also serving opportunities for them on our Dream Team!

As for their own experience, our JY team has developed a whole new type of youth ministry for our community. Head over to our Journey Youth page to get the dates, times & locations of our Journey Youth opportunities. 

Email our Youth Pastor here.


We understand you may want to know a little bit about what we believe and where we're coming from. That's why we've listed our core beliefs for you to take a look at.

Find them here.


We get a lot of questions. Everything from what to wear to a service or what denomination we are. You may be wondering, too. So we've made a list some of the most common questions.

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Click the pin for directions. We cannot wait to meet you!