What we offer...

Individual, Adult

Individual counseling is appropriate for those seeking to work on issues that are impacting them either on a daily or seasonal basis. Examples include: anxiety, depression, family dynamics, relationship challenges, self-worth work
and co-dependency.

Marriage & Couples

Marriage or couples counseling is most often used to address the challenges unique to a relationship, whether it be with a husband and wife, siblings or parent/child. This may include parenting styles, extended family dynamics, communication and financial challenges.

Child & Young Adult

Common scenarios that suggest your child would benefit from counseling may be: behavioral issues at school, family dynamics due to divorce or inability to process emotions independently or in a healthy manner.
Ages 18 and younger.


Appointments can be scheduled directly with Jeni via email at  
You may also contact the Journey Church office by phone at 636.775.2655.

Appointments are typically available Monday-Thursday.


There is no charge for the initial appointment, as this is an assessment for your unique situation.
After the initial assessment session, individual appointments carry a charge of $40 per session.
Marriage & Family sessions (after the initial) carry a charge of $50 per session.

Pastoral Counseling at Journey Church is a cash pay service - no insurance will be billed.
All payments will be made directly to Journey Church.

Jeni Sherbanenko

Journey Church Pastoral Counselor

Representing Journey Church in the ministry role of Pastoral Counseling, Jeni uses a combination of evidence-based therapy techniques and spirit-led counseling. All in an effort to address, guide and find  breakthrough in your life in a traditional counseling setting. The ultimate goal of Pastoral Counseling at Journey Church is to come alongside programs already in existence, while empowering and equipping individuals with the tools they need to walk into their individual purpose and God-given dreams.
Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University; Personal Commissioning statement from Lead Pastor Jesse Quiroz; Support Group Leadership: - Journey to Rescue: support for those suffering with PTSD (anger, anxiety, depression) - Journey to Restoration: support for the family members of those affected by a loved ones’ addiction and/or PTSD; Several years serving as a Deacon among the leadership of Journey Church.