Thanks for checking us out! This page is designed specifically for anyone who has visited us a time or two - or even just considering it! Keep reading to learn about what we're all about, when we meet and what we offer you and your family. 
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A note from our pastors...

We believe God places people in our lives to help us become the person He made us to be. We would be absolutely honored to be some of those people in your life. We’d love it if you took a moment to check out our site, check out some of what Journey Church is all about and consider joining us on a Sunday morning. No matter where you may be in your life’s journey, we’re confident we have a lot to offer that would bless you and your home in a life changing way!

- Pastors Jesse & Missy Quiroz

Sunday Services

Watch us live on our website here.

How to make Journey Church your church.

These three areas are the best first steps to take for you and your family.

'Become' Class

Don't just attend church - become the church. This one-time, one-hour opportunity is an introduction to our church. You'll get a behind the scenes look at how we began, where we are and where we're headed. A member of our lead team will walk you through all that makes us a church family. 'Become' is offered once per month and takes place on the third Sunday of each month.

Click here to view available dates and times, and to register to attend a 'Become' class.

7 Dreams - Discover God's Purpose For Your Life

A disciple is a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ who purposes to learn and live their daily life according to the bible. Discipleship is the relational process in which we learn, live, grow and mature in our faith. The purpose of the 7 Dreams book is to help the new believer become established in the foundations of their faith through one on one instruction or group discussion. This book is written intentionally with simple language for ease of use, leading and understanding. We have developed this discipleship strategy for you to experience the fullness of your faith.

Email us or visit this page to start your 7 Dreams journey.

Journey Plus

Remember 'Sunday School?' This is kinda like that. We believe an opportunity for deep, foundational teaching straight from God's word is something that each and every believer should have. Journey Plus is that opportunity at Journey Church. Potential topics include The Holy Spirit, apologetics and the end times.

These evening  classes will focus on a new topic of faith each time. You'll receive next level teaching while also being given the chance to ask questions and discuss the content. Watch the JC Calendar for updates on when Journey Plus will be happening  and what topics we will be discussing each month.


We know it could be intimidating trying out a new church. We want to arm you with as much information as we can to help you make the decision to join us. We probably won't cover every curiosity you may have about us, so feel free to send us a message using the contact from below!

What denomination are you?

Let's put it this way - we don't belong to anybody but Jesus and you. We're not tied into a denomination and we don't have another church that has planted us, in other words - we're completely independent. Everything we do is focused on the people that make up Journey Church.

What do you believe?

There's a lot to unpack to that question. We've done our best to do so here.

What's the Sunday service like?

We love passionate worship times and engaging messages! Each Sunday you'll experience both. Our music team kicks things off with modern praise & worship songs, which are followed by a time of giving, 'church news' and a message.

You'll find no two messages are alike. Our creative team puts a lot of effort into bringing God's Word to life. We want you leaving knowing you've connected to Him through biblical truths.

And if it's your first time visiting us, don't worry, we won't ask you to stand up, state your name or make any other attempt to make you feel anything less than right at home.

What about my kids?

Our Sunday's are designed for the entire family. Journey Kids programs are available every week and there is an age appropriate room for every child from birth to 5th grade. We will walk you through registration and introduce you to our awesome team of volunteer teachers and helpers. Check out the Journey Kids page.

For teenagers, we've reserved Wednesday nights just for them! Check out the Journey Youth page for more details on meeting times and locations. And don't worry, Sunday mornings are just as much for them, too, as for anyone else! They'll feel comfortable and engaged when they join our main service experience.

What can I expect if I show up on Sunday?

From the moment you pull onto our campus, it is our commitment to show you the hospitality and 'welcome home' feeling that you deserve. As you arrive our Impressions team will be waiting to wave you into a parking space, hold the door open and serve you a hot cup of coffee & a donut. If you'd like, we will even have someone show you around, assist in getting your child into Journey Kids and get you the best seat in the house!

If you're looking for somebody to answer any questions you may have, head to THE FO! There are people who want to meet you and fill you in on all of who we are.

What's available outside of Sunday?

Faith is supposed to be a lifestyle - not a weekend routine. So, we've developed Journey Groups. These are smaller meetings held both on campus and in homes. Bible study and interest based groups are held in 'seasons' throughout the year.

We also have our Support Group that gives those who need a system community around their personnel struggles.

Find info and meeting times of all our Groups here.

Do I have to dress a certain way?

Absolutely not. Dress as comfortable as you'd like. Sometimes it does get a little chilly in our auditorium; so feel free to prepare yourself for that.

Do you serve coffee?

Of course! Our Building Beyond cafe serves up an amazing array of hot, iced & frozen coffees. As well as, smoothies, sodas & teas. They also have donuts & snacks on hand; just in case you're running a little late and need a quick bite before service.

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