journey kids

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

- Matthew 19:14

We understand the importance of the experience your children have when attending church. So, it's our MISSION to create an environment for your child so impactful that your children literally beg you to bring them back! We have committed to making Journey Kids one of the most exciting and effective children's ministries around. We strive to stand with you as parents to see our children receive the care, attention and ministry experience that they deserve...and that's our promise.  

We have placed the very best staff and leadership we possibly can over our children's programs. We have a screening process that ensures us that all of our volunteers are people of integrity and people that are equipped with a passion and strong ability in their heart to celebrate your child's life.

A place for all ages.

When you arrive on a Sunday our kids team will be ready to greet your family at the Kids Check-In. You'll give us your name, check-in and then we'll take care of the rest! There are four dedicated rooms for our children. Each room is designed for specific age groups; all staffed by our trained volunteer team. 


Ages 0-2 years

Don't worry; we got this. Our nursery team loves spending time with your newest additions. They'll get the love and attention they deserve. All in an effort to give you a chance to relax an enjoy the service.


Ages 2-3 years

The toddler room is the next step to becoming a 'big kid!' This room is designed for a more active bunch with plenty of space to play and learn. We'll also have snacks on hand to help them make it till lunch!


Ages 4-5 years

We want to help you child get ready for their new adventure into learning at a new level! We'll teach them biblical themes through stories, crafts & activities. There's a good chance they won't want to leave!


Ages 6-12 years

When it's time for your child to take the next steps in spiritual, emotional and practical maturity, our elementary program will help them every step of the way. They'll be challenged in many great ways to solidify their walk with Him.

We are always growing.

'Grow' is a curriculum designed to provoke discovery and invite kids into a new understanding of how to grow in relationship with Jesus. We know that during the early years it is critical for children to be constantly engaged with God's word.

We believe there are four spiritual habits that help kids (and adults, too) grow closer to God, they are:

• Spend time with God
• Spend time with others
• Share your story
• Use your gifts

Grow not only equips our trained Journey Kids serve team to teach these week over week, they provide effective resources for parents to echo what is learned on Sundays in their homes throughout the week.

For questions about anything regarding Journey Kids, contact our Journey Kids Director, Rachael Thompson