journey youth

grades 6-12

For the 'youth of the church.'

It's our intention to do more than build a standard 'youth group' ministry. We want to lead the next generation to a faith that lasts. That means being more than a club or another extra curricular activity that only helps teenagers kill time until they become an adult. So, to do that we've brought a whole new approach to youth ministry to our community. Our unique strategy is entirely focused on giving teenagers a chance to begin, develop and maintain a personnel commitment with Christ. Below, you'll find more about our strategy and how to connect the middle school and high school students in your life to Journey Youth.

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First Wednesday of every month. • 700-830pm

'Ignite' is what we call our once a month full-service experience. We pull out all the stops to give teens a place that's just for them that is full of energy and truth; two things every teenager craves. It's a great way to get to know our youth ministry team and what we're all about.

[doors open at 630pm]

jy home groups

The remaining Wednesdays of each month. • 700-830P

Our home groups are designed to give students a place to connect with Gods Word and with each other. These laid back, stress free environments will be the perfect place for your student to grow as both a person and a Christ-follower.
Each group is hosted by a qualified member of our team in a home that has been specifically chosen for these groups.
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[homes open at 630pm]

Join any one of our three Home Groups in these host homes...

Pastor Jake & Nancy Lawrence

155 Wingate Dr, Troy

Josh & Tabitha Crapo

670 W College St, Troy

Emil & Kim Moore

688 Springfield Dr, Wentzville


June 29-July 3, 2020

Our annual summer camp is an experience no teenager will want to miss. It's a chance to compete in an awesome array of games and activities, make new and lasting friendships, learn from some amazing pastors and speakers, worship with a dynamic music team and ultimately grow and solidify their relationship with God.

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